Welcome to the Vitamin E Toolkit Website!

What is the Vitamin E toolkit?

The Vitamine E Toolkit is a series of fun activities with an entrepreneurial and cooperative spirit. These activities help young people develop cooperation skills or the qualities necessary to become more entrepreneurial.

Who is this toolkit for?

The toolkit is intended for Day Camp or Summer Camp Counsellors that would like to learn new games.

Who are we?

This toolkit was created by a team of Entrepreneurship Officers working under the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. With many years of experience under their belt, they identified a need for fun and dynamic games that encourage entrepreneurship and cooperation. They also recognized that young people enjoy participating in these types of activities at summer camp. This is why they joined their strength and creativity to offer activities that can be used at camps, but also in any other educational setting to add a spark to learning!

 To download the Vitamin E Toolkit

Comment from a Day Camp Coordinator in Montreal:

«this toolkit is well-done and very interesting. The proposed activities are fun and well explained. I’m sure the counsellors will enjoy doing these activities with the kids.»